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Henry V

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Padraic Lilis
With Kristine Amarante, Izzy Anthony, Paul Battiato*, Kevin Blackwelder,Andrew Blair, Alan Brincks, Richard Busser, Maria Camilo, Peter Collier, Ramiq Harris, Marcus Johnson*, Sam Laakso*, Laura Lassy*, Bernadette Maass, Samantha Maurice, Elliot Mayer*, Jessica O’Hara-Baker*Rafa Perez,Jessica Ranville, Jonny Schroeder, Gregory Wilson, Jason Wilson, Ewa Maria Wojcik, Jae Woo, Taamu Wuya.
*member of Actors' Equity Association

Produced by Dominic Cuskern
Set Designer, Scott Tedmon-Jones
Lighting Designer, Scott Cally
Costume Designer, Irma Brainard
Sound Designer, Jacob Subotnick
Sara Sagle, Properties Designer
Assistant Director, Julie Lucas
Production Stage Manager, Casey Pratt
Assistant Stage Managers, Sarah Rose Kearns and Timothy Sheridan
Gallery Players, 2014
A Night Out: Project
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"Laura Lassy is très charmante as Princess Katharine, no mean feat since her lines are mostly in French with a little mangled English thrown in for comic effect."
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