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Between the Threads

Jewish Women Project

Conceived and Directed by Coral Cohen
Original Music by Zoë Aqua
Performed & Co-created by Zoë Aqua, Hannah Goldman, Lea Kalisch, Luisa Muhr, Daniella Seidl, Laura Lassy Townsend*.

Directed by Coral Cohen with original music by klezmer artist Zoë Aqua, the project is an interdisciplinary work that uses performance as a way to interrogate Jewish identity today by looking to our past and confronting our future. A group of six female-identified artists explore their personal history to present a collage of varied perspectives on what it means to be perennially in-between: in the intersection of tradition and modernity, power and oppression.
Here Arts Center, 2019.

 *appears courtesy of Actor’s Equity.
The Workshop: Project

Max Berry

"Honest and unflinching... It was all beautifully written, sometimes very raw, sometimes hopeful, even humorous. The six women were a perfect ensemble, working together seamlessly and almost as one being on the stage. The abstract movement and violin music added wonderfully to the piece...The two paired brilliantly with the stories, varying themselves in tone and emotion... A piece of theatre that truly used the form to its utmost potential."
The Workshop: Quote

This Week in New York

" The young women discuss immigration, rituals, weddings, funerals, the Torah, Christmas, and the mechitza, getting right to the heart of the conflict within each of them. They lay their feelings bare with humor and intelligence... Superb."
The Workshop: Quote
The Workshop: Quote

Theater Scene
Joel Benjamin

"In just 75 minutes, the Jewish Women Project's 'Between the Threads' reveals a treasure trove of Jewish culture, lore, feminine wisdom and history.
The seven women who together have written and staged 'Between the Threads' have created a tight-knit work full of love, drama, humor and truth, a tapestry of interwoven wisdom tapping into the experiences of all the women involved."
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