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The Maids by Jean Genet.

Directed by Oliver Henzler
With Helene Godec, Laura Lassy Townsend*, Cloe Xhauflaire
Musical direction Leah Lawrence
Set Lloyd Huber
Lights Oona Curley
Produced by Laura Lassy Townsend

L'Atelier Theatre NY in association with La MaMa ETC

*appears courtesy of Actors' Equity
The Maids: Project

Culture Catch

"Godec and Townsend imbue their roles with an intensity that embodies the bond between the sisters as a crackling mix of hostility and a deep, borderline sensual love."
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NY Theater Guide

"The cast and creative team expertly navigated the fine line between chaos and structure, transcending the basic requirements of performance and entering the realm of the deeply symbolic."
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Let's talk off broadway

"The heat of emotions and tightly entwined dialog of these two sisters, who know each other too well, was breath-taking."

Plays to See

"The chemistry that Godec and Townsend share amplifies the tension between the sisters, whether it be familial, conspiratorial, or sexual – all of which the actors accomplish with an incredible ferocity."
The Maids: Quote
The Maids: Quote
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