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A new play by Torrey Townsend

Directed by Knud Adams
With Austin Pendleton*, Tim Platt, Cesar J. Rosado*, Claire Siebers*, Laura Lassy Townsend, Torrey Townsend, Christopher White

softFocus, Bank Street Theater

*appears courtesy of Actors Equity
The Workshop: Project
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New York Times

"The characters of The Workshop are prone to delivering speeches with a profane, irreverent verve reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino’s. Except that here they are not about B movies or the Royale with cheese, à la “Pulp Fiction,” but theater."

"The actors portraying the students are all excellent."
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"Townsend’s well-performed play is bracingly cynical."
"Knud Adams’s intimate production tucks us close enough that we can smell the spilled coffee. The scorched odor of dying dreams, though, is the thing that keep us awake."
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"The Workshop: where the White Male Ego Is on the Dissection Table...One hell of an evening of theater."
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The Village Voice

Voice Choice

"The young ensemble is appealing and precise in its character typing."

"Such an insider view is bound to evoke Theresa Rebeck’s fic-world lampoon Seminar, Annie Baker’s TV-hacks-in-metaphysical-free-fall The Antipodes, and the queasy nostalgia of Wallace Shawn’s show folks in Evening at the Talk House."
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